Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday at 7:00pm

That's when I get induced. I know crazy right?? Let me explain how it all came about.

On Monday I had my 37 week appointment and they found some protein in my urine. I also had high blood pressure. So they scheduled an appointment for me to get my bp checked on Thursday. Well on Tuesday I decided to go in and get my bp checked just to ease my mind. Turns out it was a whopping 152/115 and stayed that way for 2 hours so I was then admitted to Triage. I was hooked up to all the monitors and lab came to do some tests. Lab results came back fine, but the bp was still high so they put me on a bp medication and sent me on my way. Oh, but not before telling me that I need to do a 24 hour urine sample.

So Thursday comes around and I go for my scheduled bp check - 132/100. Still high, but lower than it was. I called it in to the dr and waited for them to call.

Friday comes and around 2 pm the nurse finally calls me back and tells me that my 24 hr urine sample came back with protein in it and that I would need to be induced. So Sunday at 7 pm my husband and I will be checking into the Birthing Center preparing for the arrival of our son.

We're both extremely excited and scared at the same time. I can only pray that things go well and that we'll all be safe.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Full Term

That's right, I'm officially considered full term now that I've reached 37 weeks. Never thought this day would come, but here we are just waiting for Baby C to make his arrival - which he is welcome to come any day now.

Had my last shower on Sunday. It was held outside on a beautiful day. The lovely ladies who threw my shower did such a great job. They had all of my favorite foods and incorporated the nursery colors into the theme. Here I am with all of my gifts.

Me with the ladies who made the shower happen

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

36 Weeks and Mom's Baby Shower

What a great weekend we just had at my parent's house. Tim spent most of the time dry walling my brother's house, while I got to open presents. My mom and sister-in-law threw an absolutely wonderful shower for me this past weekend. It was nice to see the colors of our nursery throughout the shower (blue, lime green and black). There was plenty of food to eat and I got to see my high school friends and family. Thanks again to my mom and Kristen for throwing me a great shower. I truly appreciate it and know Baby C will love everything.

36 weeks

My lovely high school friends

My mom and I

Work Baby Shower

Last week I had my first baby shower thrown by the lovely ladies I work with. The food was great and I really appreciated them taking the time to celebrate the soon arrival of our little guy. They all went in a got us the Pack N Play we registered for. Thanks ladies.

Me and the hostess

Group Shot

Monday, August 10, 2009

35 Week Picture

I didn't get a chance to get the "official" bump picture taken, but here I am with my friend Alli at a wedding this past weekend.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

35 Weeks, 35 Days

Well I reached another milestone. I've passed the 35 weeks along and 35 days left. Just over a month left. This last month is going to be tough. It's getting hotter out, I'm getting bigger, and we're all getting anxious. My co-workers are throwing me a shower on Tuesday and then I have another on Sunday and the following Sunday. I'm excited for the nursery to fill up.

I've really been trying to get in as much sleep as possible. Weekdays I usually go to bed by 9:00pm and on weekends I usually sleep in until 8:00 or 9:00am. Everyone keeps telling me sleep while you can so that's what I'm doing.

Next week - I reach 9 months!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

34 Week Picture

As promised here it is. Sorry it's not a cute picture.

I'm not slacking on purpose

I really do have a 34 week picture ready to post, just haven't had the time to put the picture on my computer yet....I'm sorry.

Well August is here now and we can finally say that we will have a baby next month...holy crap! I have 3 showers in the next 2 weeks that I'm super excited for. I can't wait to fill up the nursery with all of the cute baby gifts.

As for our little guy people have been saying to me that it looks like he has dropped so that's a good thing. He's making his way down to meet us. When we go see the doctor or Thursday we plan on discussing with him how we want this birth to go. Basically we just want him to know that if it's not an emergency we don't want a c-section. I too am hoping that I go into labor naturally and don't' need to be induced. Only time will tell though.