Monday, August 29, 2011

Visit from God Mama Val

Yeah for visits from Val!! Kellan's God Mama was in town a couple of weeks ago from Tennessee. She made a special trip to come see all of us and drop off Kellan's birthday gift.  She got him a really sweet Wisconsin jersey and an Aqua Doodle!!! Best part about the Aqua Doodle is that the markers only write on the mat it comes with. It won't work on the carpet, counters or it!!! It was so nice to see Kellan run over to Val  because he hasn't been able to see her much lately. Plus it was great seeing my good friend again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Preview of the Big Boy Room

About a week ago we started Kellan in his new room. You'll see from the pictures that he has a sports themed room (football, basketball, baseball). I'm so impressed with how he is doing in his room. The first 2 nights we layed on the floor next to him until he fell asleep and then after that we would should the door and he would just fall asleep. We keep the gate up and open the door once we go to bed so that if / when he gets up in the middle of the night he can't roam around the house.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gestational Diabetes

Never thought I would get it. My 3 hour test yesterday didn't go as well as I hoped, so tomorrow I am meeting with a dietitian to come up with a diet/meal plan. Hopefully by doing this I will be able to manage my glucose and not have to take insulin. Not going to lie, pretty freaked out. I don't want anything to happen to baby boy or myself. I was told I won't go past 39 weeks in fear of having a large baby.  I thought 7lb 4oz was big for Kellan, so anything much bigger is going to hurt a lot more!!!

Hardest part - No Sweets!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I failed my glucose test again. I failed it with Kellan and had to take the 3 hour test and then passed. This time my count was a lot higher and I fear that I may have developed diabetes. I take the 3 hour test tomorrow. It's my own fault though because I've been shoving sugar in my mouth like it's in short supply and I'm never getting it again. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Date Night

                                                                    With Kellan that is.

Since Tim has been doing some traveling for work I've been trying to keep Kellan busy. There is only so much basketball you can play and Mickey Mouse that you can watch. So tonight, we went down to the river and fed the ducks. Kellan loves throwing pieces of bread at the ducks and watching them chase after it. The only scary thing is that there are geese down there too and they can be pretty nasty. All of the hissing and chasing they do freaks me out.

After feeding the ducks we went to a local pizza shop for dinner. I had the pepperoni while Kellan had the macaroni & cheese.

                                                                  Enjoying the pizza.