Monday, January 24, 2011

Superbowl Baby!!

The Packers are heading to the Superbowl!! Kellan cheered on the Packers Sunday with the rest of Wisconsin. He may have needed a few breaks every now and then with the hamper, but he had fun rooting them on.

On a side note, the basement is coming along. Tim was  busy painting all weekend (which I'll have pictures soon). My parents and brother are coming up on Friday to start installing the tongue and grove and maybe some doors. It's really coming along. Can't wait for all of hat extra space.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Children's Museum Rocks!!

That had to be what Kellan was thinking today as he explored this amazing place. This museum has EVERYTHING!! Books, paints, trampolines, slides, rock climbing, and legos are just a few things to name. The best part is, we get in free because of Tim's job. (otherwise it's $5). Here is Kellan having the best day.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I hate making decisions

We starting finishing our basement about a year ago. We didn't do much at first besides some framing and wiring. However, in the last few weeks we've really progressed. The drywall is up and the taping and mudding have begun. So now it's time to get serious with the decision making. Here are the things I have no idea what to do with:

*Color of walls, carpet and counter tops
*How big should the bar be
*What type of flooring do we put behind the bar and in the office - wood or tile?

These are just a few that are running through my mind. I have a few pictures of how the basement currently looks. We need to finish is asap because we are running out of room for all of Kellan's toys.


                                             Bar area to the right, bathroom ahead
                                                                         Bar area