Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finished Basement....Finally!

We've been  busy. The basement is finally finished, minus some decorating. Here is a picture of the pine wall (we got a great deal on the wood from a family friend)

 This room is technically an office, but right now it will be a play room for all of Kellan's toys.

 This is the view as you walk down the steps and turn the corner. That's a 50 inch tv that Tim HAD to have.

 This is the bar area. We would eventually like to fit a pool table down there. Oh and we've since added bar stools which are pictured.

 Furniture is from Ashley, extremely comfortable.

Lastly, here is what you see walking down the steps.

So, that has consumed much of our time. Usually while Tim was working downstairs, I was upstairs trying to occupy my little guy.